Teknion Textiles introduces Side by Side collection designed by Suzanne Tick

Teknion Textiles has announced  the introduction of Side by Side—the latest Teknion Textiles collection by Suzanne Tick—that thinks differently about colour, texture and pattern.

“Color is more than just a hue. It responds to its surroundings and changes depending on context,” said Tick, Creative Director, Teknion Textiles. “Longer colorlines that offer multiple tonalities of each colour encourage the exploration of analogous palettes. Subtle, smooth textures and lustrous surfaces contrast with strong textures and matte appearances. Contemporary graphics combine with traditional constructions. Large-scale patterns create fabrics that will read differently depending on where they fall on furniture.”

Teknion Textiles_Side by Side 1_Low.jpg

Angulo combines a traditional epingle pile construction with an unexpected large-scale graphic. Inspired by contemporary building facades, the strong geometric pattern stretches and compacts vertically creating dramatic impact. An ombre stripe of tonal color runs in the opposite direction. The interaction of these two gradations creates movement and energy when applied to the curves of furniture.

Designed for upholstery use, the cotton pile gives Angulo an extremely soft hand but at 51,000 double rubs it exceeds contract performance requirements.

Teknion Textiles_Side by Side 2_Low.jpgBuilding upon the success of the panel fabric Rationale, Suzanne Tick has used the same yarn technology to create Percept, a heavier weight quality with an expanded texture and palette. Each yarn in this fabric offers a combination of matte and luster finishes as well as light and dark tones. The thickness of the yarns allows the weave structure to create an elegant textural surface. Percept’s long colorline was created to inspire the analogous color palettes of today’s interiors. Nineteen colors range from light to bright to deep. Blue, green and red come in several variations each to allow for cutting-edge combinations as one moves around the color wheel. The palette also includes warm and cool neutrals in light, medium and dark values to play with and against the color accents.

Percept is a true multi-purpose fabric designed for use as upholstery, panel and wrapped wall. It has 81 percent post-consumer recycled content and is rated to 75,000 double rubs.

These new fabrics work “Side by Side” with each other, and with the rest of the Teknion Textiles line, expanding the palette of options that play well with each other. In addition to Side by Side, the growing Teknion Textiles collection now encompasses Surface Tension, Duality, Form + Structure, Tech Couture, New Nomads and Textured Edge.

“Our intent with Teknion Textiles is to offer the contract market a broad selection of sophisticated fabrics. Suzanne Tick continues to evolve cohesive collections of original upholstery, panel and architectural textiles. These collections are a product of a thoughtful design process paired with a clear performance intent, and are designed to work together across every surface,” said Dave White, Vice President, Teknion Textiles.