Teknion opens redesigned showroom in New York City

Teknion Corporation recently announced the opening of its 22,000-square-foot New York City showroom, transformed to feature award-winning products from the new Teknion Studio, Teknion Textiles and B&B Italia Project Collection, and demonstrate new and emerging ways of work.

“The introduction of these new product groups led us to rethink the way we design our showrooms. By showing these new products in the context of the whole Teknion portfolio, their value becomes as apparent as their beauty,” said Maxine Mann, President of Teknion’s US operations. “The challenge facing Vanderbyl Design was to create a space where the new products can be showcased and explained, while at the same time showing how they can be used in a variety of settings.”

Located on the second floor of a loft building at 641 Avenue of the Americas, in a dramatic high-ceiling space flooded with light, the architectural challenge was to break up the space without reducing its drama. Vanderbyl Design used large-scale black-and-white photos of New York’s most innovative architecture to create a visual experience that links the urban location, the refurbished industrial space and the sophisticated furniture. These powerful images of iconic New York buildings are used throughout to subdivide and allow groupings of furniture to be fully appreciated.

Full-height photographic images create a dramatic entrance promenade that divides the open-plan area, a space for B&B Italia Project furniture, and a space for Teknion Studio and Teknion Textiles display. These spaces flow into each other yet each has a distinct story and atmosphere. Clear sightlines into the open plan area lead the visitor on to a space where a variety of Teknion products are shown in realistic settings and combinations. The award-winning Fractals, Spectrum and Envita furniture are shown between and alongside workstations where one can clearly see how they bring new meaning and function to a more conventional work area.

“Simple private spaces can be created with high-back Fractals, or a comfortable touch-down space created with Spectrum sofas, Keele chairs and low tables,” Mann explained. “Similarly, select pieces of B&B Italia Project furniture are used in the reception area, private offices and the boardroom, showing them in realistic settings. The B&B Italia Project collection is also shown in an adjacent area and features a representative selection of these exquisite products. Classic designs and beautiful craftsmanship are the hallmark of this collection.”

Within the Teknion Studio portion of the showroom, Teknion Textiles is presented as blocks of colour in a dramatic white aluminum display showing how the different constructions and textures of the textiles can be combined within a colour range. The award-winning Surface Tension collection by Suzanne Tick is featured prominently. The open display is backed up with a counter-height custom storage unit ideally suited to presentations and discussions. These textiles also create a unifying, modern feel to the upholstered furniture throughout the showroom.

Teknion furniture uses materials and finishing methods that create products that have achieved GREENGUARD® and GREENGUARD Gold Certification for indoor air quality standards, and that are in line with LEED credits for low-emitting materials. All wood furniture in the New York showroom is certified to FSC standards in support of sustainable forestry practices.