Teeple Architects design condominium for Toronto’s Kingston Road neighbourhood

As the primary route linking the settlements east of Toronto, Kingston Road was the first area of the Beach to be settled. That village vibe still exists today, giving Kingston Road Village a lively mix of deep tradition and urban edge, close to parks, ravines, and the Beaches.

And in this developing neighbourhood, Toronto-based firm Teeple Architects is designing The Kingston&Co. Condominiums, drawing on years of experience in a multitude of building secors and a multiple award-winning portfolio. Varying in height from eight to 10 storeys, the condo building is a contextually appropriate response to the area, blending seamlessly into Kingston Road Village, which is characterized by independent cafés, bakeries, book stores and studio art spaces.

A balance of two-storey units and single-storey units featuring wraparound balconies allow for ample daylighting and capture beautiful views of both the waterfront and the city skyline. Precast concrete fins on the front façade have been oriented to create two different visual experiences for residents, visitors and passersby approaching from either direction of Kingston Road. These fins articulate the building’s exterior expression and create varied patterns of shadows over the south-facing elevation of single- and double-width balconies. The north side of the building terraces down, offering a secluded, domestic scale and lush landscaped terraces. Additionally, an eighth-floor community roof garden provides a common area for socializing, while the ground-level commercial spaces mean amenities and leisure spaces are never far away.