Sudbury launches 2050 urban design competition

The Sudbury 2050 — Urban Design Competition is a competition that challenges entrants to create a new vision for the urban core of the City of Greater Sudbury.

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Led by the McEwen School of Architecture (MSoA) in collaboration with the community, entrants are asked to present their ideas for high-level design solutions for the urban core.

Possible programs include a new library, art gallery, conference centre, and performance centre, new housing typologies for a range of incomes, reimagining the space occupied by the railway lines, and a new arena and event centre. Entrants are expected to address the placement and urban design issues related to one or more of these programs as part of their integrated vision for the city in 2050.

As part of the submission, entrants are asked to present a strategy for public engagement, and
present their ideas for urban guidelines or principles for use by the City.

The competition includes $63,000 in prizes, with awards for the best professional entry, best student entry, and a People’s Choice award.

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The competition calls for entrants to create:

  • Visions for a city with hundreds of lakes, a winter city with a culture driven by Anglophone, Francophone and Indigenous communities.
  • Visions for an “international” City, with more than 300 companies exporting intellectual capital and mining products around the world.
  • Visions that sustain the City’s ability to continue to attract new generations of the best and brightest talent, with the built form in the urban core clearly reflecting this aspiration. Visions for a vibrant city, open to the world it serves.
  • Visions that reflect the city’s position as northern Ontario’s leading healthcare research, education, and economic engine, with an urban core highlighting the creativity and energy necessary to maintain a leadership role.
  • Visions that continue to drive the transformational growth of emerging economic sectors such as mass timber construction and remote, automated, electrified, sustainable mining technologies.
  • Visions that reflect the fact that Sudbury is an international economic and environmental miracle. The City’s economy has recovered from massive mining layoffs and its environment has been transformed with re-greening and regenerating strategies.
  • Visions that reflect and challenge the City’s aspirations to respond to the ongoing challenges of climate change and the City’s “climate emergency”.

Entrants may consist of individuals, teams, firms, or university students. Registration is required, but there is no fee to enter.  Submissions are due August 28, 2020.

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