Submission deadline for City of Calgary’s Urban Design Awards 2011 next Thursday!

Architecture, landscape architecture and urban design play an integral role in the creation of great cities. Well-designed spaces make people feel welcome, support pedestrian activity, improve safety and accessibility, and create a memorable sense of place. Consequently, every two years, the Mayor’s Urban Design Awards (MUDA) celebrate the best of Calgary’s new urban design, landscape design and architecture. These biennial awards acknowledge the important contribution that designers, architects and artists make in improving the quality of life in the city by producing high-quality buildings and public spaces, while recognizing the distinctive and cherished buildings and spaces which make Calgary unique and its citizens proud. 

The City of Calgary will accept entries for the Mayor’s Urban Design Awards 2011 in nine categories: Conceptual/Theoretical Urban Design Projects; Approved or Adopted Urban Design Plans; Urban Architecture; Civic Design Projects; Urban Fragments; Community Improvement Projects; Student Proejcts; The Mawson Urban Design Award; and City Edge Development.

MUDA 2011 submissions are now being accepted; the deadline is 4:00pm on Thursday, September 15, 2011, followed by the awards presentation gala on November 2, 2011.

For details on eligibility, categories and submission requirements, please visit