Stop, Drop, Repeat: The Painted Work of Marlis Saunders opens this week

Stop, Drop, Repeat is the Design Exchange’s first major exhibition on pattern design and this country’s first look at the exceptional work by a Canadian Bauhaus pioneer. The exhibition gathers over 100 works on paper that reflect the broad range of Marlis Saunders’ career.  

Through these pieces, the exhibition will trace the roots of the Bauhaus school from the early influences of the Arts and Crafts movement and Expressionism, to the design philosophy and international spread of the Bauhaus School. Themes in the exhibition will centre on the three main stylistic developments in Saunders’ career: The Bauhaus Style and Abstraction, Aboriginal Influence, and Flora and Fauna. Each section will explore related moments in art and design history, the work of her contemporaries, the technical aspects of her work, and will give visitors the opportunity to develop their own patterns utilizing smart-grid technology.

Today, pattern design is a flourishing industry with textile designers, artisans and crafters producing a multitude of work. Within this contemporary context, the exhibit will also showcase work by the installation artist Amanda McCavour, as well as the pieces by some leading German, Australian and Canadian pattern designers.

The exhibition runs from March 7 to April 23, 2012 in the Exhibition Hall of the Design Exchange, located at 234 Bay Street in downtown Toronto.

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