Steel from Royal Ontario Museum is reused at University of Toronto at Scarborough

The demolition of the Royal Ontario Museum’s Terrace Galleries this summer, to make way for the new Michael A. Lee Chin Crystal expansion, yielded enough steel to be reused at the new Student Centre at U of T’s Scarborough campus. Toronto’s Dunlop Architects Inc., who have designed the new facility, will use the steel as a visible monument to the idea of reusing building materials. The reuse of the materials came about as a result of notification by the structural engineers, Halsall Associates, who are working on both the ROM expansion and the Student Centre. The architects adjusted the design for the 2000-square foot area to accommodate over-ceiling services in the corridor area while in the offices the columns and beams will remain exposed. This will demonstrate that columns and beams are reuse materials which will be put in place as bolted connections that can potentially be unbolted and reused in the future.
The building is being designed to meet the “Silver” level of the Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED) program. In addition to a long list of other environmentally-friendly initiatives, the building will carry a green roof over the student office wing. The green roof will reduce summer solar gain and storm water run-off.
The re-use of materials, says firm principal and designer of the new Centre Stephen Phillips, “avoids extraction of new resources from the earth and saves the energy and pollution associated with the mining and manufacturing processes.”