SPECTACLE Bureau for Architecture and Urbanism featured at Expo Milano

Work by Calgary firm SPECTACLE Bureau for Architecture and Urbanism has been selected to be part of Expo Milano, currently taking place in the Cascina Triulza—Civil Society Pavilion until July 5, 2015. The exhibition features multiple projects brought together under the theme of “Feed the Planet, Energy for Life.”

SPECTACLE’s proposal surrounds the city of Calgary with an ecological, agricultural and recreational reserve that contains the city and protects the hinterlands against future growth. Five urban extensions provide the space for quadrupling the city’s population while integrating improved public transportation and infrastructure within a walkable 1.6-kilometre-wide zone. A diversion channel provides irrigation for this new green area and also a secondary route for the Bow and Elbow Rivers to re-route water in the case of future floods.

For more information on the project, please visit www.spectacle-bureau.com/Border%20Lands.html