SOPRAFIX high performance roofing system

It’s a breeze to install, but will withstand high winds–Soprafix, the membrane you can count on to stay on.

The SOPRAFIX system is a heavy-duty two-ply roofing system with base sheets mechanically fastened to the deck and cap sheets fully bonded to the base sheets. This system can be installed over most roofing insulations. Cap sheets, installed by heat-welding or with adhesive are protected from ageing by lightweight coloured granules.

Compared to the traditional BUR system, inconvenience and odours are reduced ensuring the comfort of the building’s occupants throughout installation. There is no need to shovel layers of gravel on your roof.

SOPRAFIX is 3 times lighter than traditional systems (10 kg/m2 versus 30 kg/m2 for BUR system). A massive difference! From Soprema.