Smart Cities Challenge: Final Call for Jurors

The Government of Canada kicked off the Smart Cities Challenge on November 23, encouraging Canadian communities of all sizes to think big and come up with innovative approaches to solving local challenges.

To support the Smart Cities challenge, Canada launched a process to identify an independent 15-member Jury to review the applications and final proposals. We’re looking for individuals across a range of disciplines, including technology and innovation, the private sector and entrepreneurs, and urban and land use planning.Smart Cities Challenge

This open, transparent and merit-based process is designed to attract a range of talented and experienced candidates that also reflect Canada’s linguistic, cultural, and regional diversity.

Jury members will have the opportunity to help shape our country’s future by selecting the projects that will transform our communities, and make those communities more innovative, more sustainable, and above all else: smarter.

This volunteer appointment will carry a commitment extending from Spring 2018 to early 2019. The total time commitment is not expected to exceed a total of 10 days.

Jury members will be expected to undertake independent work to review proposals submitted to the Challenge. They will also participate in two, one-and-a-half day meetings in the National Capital Region: one meeting between May and July 2018 and another during winter 2018/2019. Jury members may also be asked to take part in communications activities.

One Jury member will be selected for the role of Chair. As this position will include the duties of a Jury member in addition to responsibilities for the management of the process, liaising with Infrastructure Canada, and presiding over meetings, the Chair role requires a greater time commitment.

Details on the jury selection process and the duties of the jury members are available on the Infrastructure Canada website. The first round jury members would be required for a maximum of 10 days between Spring 2018 and early 2019.
Interested candidates should send a cover letter and CV to by January 12, 2018.