SHADE exhibition on now in Winnipeg

An exhibition of the SHADE Competition organized by STUFF opened on September 14, 2013 at MAKE Coffee + Stuff in Winnipeg. The public display will continue until October 30, 2013.

SHADE is an international lighting design competition open to all ages and backgrounds. The intention is to encourage design-dialogue through making and public exhibition. The competition stages include prototype design and submission, selection by jury, and exhibition. The challenge is to make a shade prototype for a pendant light while considering creative and innovative articulation of light, materiality, and mitigation of space(s).

About 80 designers with all background and origins registered; almost 40 designs qualified as final submissions. A team of international jurors was asked to select 5 entries, each based on the merits of the design. This process resulted in 11 prototypes that will be on show until the end of October.

During the exhibition, a jury prize will be announced, based on each of the jury member’s personal top pick; and a public prize will be determined through online voting. Prototypes will be on sale in store and online.

SHADE is the first international competition organized b Studio for Transformative Urban Forms and Fields (STUFF), a collective practice organized by Jae-Sung Chon that is interested in designed experiences in the broader contexts of the environment. STUFF believes in layered, integrated, and robust approaches in design that are not bound by disciplinary blinders. The core of STUFF is comprised of members with a breadth of backgrounds. This collaborative enterprise provides curatorial, strategic and generative services that result in various forms of designed outcomes.

MAKE is an espresso bar and an event/exhibition venue that seeks to foster a café culture where many forms of cultural dialogue take place. Along with a quality coffee experience, MAKE celebrates design culture in Winnipeg through curated events provoking dialogues in/between the public and the design profession.

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