Self-sufficient Housing Competition

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) is issuing an international call to architects, students and designers from around the world for proposals regarding the construction of self-sufficient dwellings. The emphasis will be on exploring peoples capacity to construct their own homes, especially through the use of digital technologies.

The IAAC is now proposing to carry out an investigation of projects at the global level with a view to fomenting sustainable development and the self-sufficiency of the houses we live in. This research will be addressed in terms of environmental, economic and social considerations.

The competition aims to stimulate specific investigations into construction techniques and processes that will encourage individuals all over the world to build houses with locally available means. The competition seeks everything from the intelligent application of traditional techniques to advanced digital fabrication.

The objective is to design, in any part of the world, a single dwelling or a residential building in which there is specific development of innovative construction proposals in relation to the use of new materials, the integration of energy systems in the construction, the insertion of the architecture into the landscape, or any other strategy that serves to enhance self-sufficiency.

A total amount of 39,500 will be awarded, distributed at the discretion of the jury.

The registration deadline is September 17, 2007, and registration is free.

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