Canadian Architect


Building With Words

A Client Asks Three Important Questions to Screen Potential Architects Before Designing His Dream Home.

Turning a Corner

A Three-Unit Housing Complex Makes a Positive Contribution to the Quality of Architecture and Urban Space in Sprawl-Afflicted Calgary.

The Belly of An Architect

A Patron-Client Relationship Allows An Office to Expand and Refine Its Design Processes While Offering the Clients a Residence That Provides Constant Discovery.

Yorkville Release 3.0

A Single-Family Residence Leads in the Continual Evolution of a Central Toronto Neighbourhood, Representing the Third Life and Second Adaptive Reuse of An Industrial Building.

Track & Field

Floating Surreally Within An Inspiring Topography, a Noble Country Retreat Provides An Architecture Professor With the Opportunity to Review the Work of His Former Student.

Chinese Character

Exploring the Ideas of Housing, Urbanism, Towers and Landscape in a Frantic and Contemporary Market Like China Is Not Without Its Challenges. a Recent Seminar Sponsored by the Raic Raised Questions Regarding the Potential for Canadian Architects to Work in the Chinese Market.