Canadian Architect


Binning House

Long Considered An Icon of West Coast Modernist Architecture, the House That Artist B.C. Binning Designed for Himself Reveals Highly Detailed and Sculptural Qualities Inherent in a Work of Art.

Sustainable House

A Competition Seeks Sustainable Housing Design Prototypes, Providing Progressive Leadership and Direction for Our Rapidly Expanding Urbanized Environments.

Agog in Magog

This Simply Executed Country Residence Affords An Emerging Architect An Opportunity to Move Both His Ideas and Practice Forward.

Testing the Waters

A Young Intern Makes His Mark by Designing a Thoughtfully Detailed Poolside Pavilion.

Maurer House

Building With Words

A Client Asks Three Important Questions to Screen Potential Architects Before Designing His Dream Home.

Turning a Corner

A Three-Unit Housing Complex Makes a Positive Contribution to the Quality of Architecture and Urban Space in Sprawl-Afflicted Calgary.

The Belly of An Architect

A Patron-Client Relationship Allows An Office to Expand and Refine Its Design Processes While Offering the Clients a Residence That Provides Constant Discovery.