Canadian Architect

Landscape Architecture

Track & Field

Floating Surreally Within An Inspiring Topography, a Noble Country Retreat Provides An Architecture Professor With the Opportunity to Review the Work of His Former Student.

On the Road With Rochon

A Recent Book by One of Canada's Foremost Architecture Critics Takes Stock of the Origins of Contemporary Canadian Architecture and Quite Possibly, Where It Will Lead Us in the Future.

International Garden Festival

Out There

A Young Canadian Working in Norway Designs a Breathtaking Structure Overlooking the Dramatic Fjords of His Adopted Country.

Featuring Water

A Master in the Art of Moving Water, Dan Euser Builds Mock-Ups of Water Installations for International Projects in the Backyard of His Home in Richmond Hill.

Chinese Character

Exploring the Ideas of Housing, Urbanism, Towers and Landscape in a Frantic and Contemporary Market Like China Is Not Without Its Challenges. a Recent Seminar Sponsored by the Raic Raised Questions Regarding the Potential for Canadian Architects to Work in the Chinese Market.