Canadian Architect


Steel Skywalker

A structurally daring walkway cantilevers visitors over and above a valley in the Canadian Rockies.

Editorial: Northern Exposure

The ability to think at multiple scales--responding to both regional and local realities--will be key in generating an effective vision for the North.

One Piece at a Time

Housing designs for the north must address a complex set of issues--from transportation logistics to the distinct cultural needs of First Nations communities and capital city dwellers.

Northern Exposure

Canada's pavilion at the 2014 Venice Biennale showcases the architecture of Nunavut 15 years after its founding--and speculates on what the territory might become 15 years from now.

Defensive Measures

While new projects along Calgary's Bow River suggest how flood controls can be integrated into urban infrastructure, the city has much to do in achieving true resilience from flood events.