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Fort York National Historic Site Visitor Centre


Editorial: The Attawapiskat First Nations Housing Crisis is Shameful

From an urban-planning perspective, Attawapiskat barely qualifies as a viable community in its current form. With no simple resolution, one thing is certain--political posturing and inaction don't result in better housing in First Nations communities like Attawapiskat.

Winnipeg Jets

The new James Armstrong Richardson International Airport Terminal in Winnipeg is differentiated by spatial richness, transparency and light, providing a vivid interface with the dynamic prairie environment.

Editorial: Client Champions

What defines a client who is effective at "sponsoring" an architect to produce a high-quality design? The answer largely depends upon that client's clarity of vision and ability to express that vision to the architect she hires.

Mixing Chamber

A new home for the Faculty of Engineering accommodates a complex and diverse program while stitching together disparate parts of the University of Waterloo campus.

The Red Lantern

A spiral red-painted steel stair provides the perfect anchor for the revitalization of this Jesuit Graduate Faculty of Theology.

Transforming & Revitalizing Downtown Summit