Canadian Architect

Community + Recreation

Park Place

The meticulously considered redesign of Oppenheimer Park in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside engages the disparate communities in this neighbourhood, bringing vitality and optimism to its residents.

Something in Common

Significant challenges necessitate a creative approach to this project located in an at-risk suburban community of Toronto.

Extended Family

An addition to an existing daycare facility is an intelligent response to site, program and First Nations traditions.

Turning a Corner

The redevelopment of the Woodward's site is proving to be a catalyst in the positive evolution of the beleaguered Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, harmonizing the diverse interests of the community.

Editorial: Client Champions

What defines a client who is effective at "sponsoring" an architect to produce a high-quality design? The answer largely depends upon that client's clarity of vision and ability to express that vision to the architect she hires.

Call Of The Wild

Two recently completed libraries in British Columbia's lower mainland address the challenges in designing a contemporary public amenity that is inclusive to diverse user groups.