Roger Connah lectures at Carleton University’s School of Architecture

This event, titled “Pulp Architecture: A New Movement in Progress,” takes place at 5:30pm on Wednesday, February 13th, 2008 in the “Pit” at Carleton’s School of Architecture.

Roger Connah is a freelance writer and teacher based in Ruthin, North Wales where he runs The Hotel Architecture Retreat and Resistance Centre. He is the author of several books: How Architecture Got Its Hump (MIT 2001), Welcome to the Hotel Architecture (MIT1998), and Writing Architecture Fantomas Fragments Fictions – An Architectural Journey through the 20th Century (MIT 1990).

His career has included graphic consultancy, exhibition design management and teaching in Finland, India, Pakistan as well as scriptwriting, workshops and visiting lectures in many other countries. Recent projects (with J.P. Maruszczak) include Chromotopia (Unbuilt Architecture Design Award, Boston Society of Architects, 2003); Interface, Animall and Brautigan (Finalist, Dead Malls International Competition, L.A. Forum for Architecture/Urban Design, 2003); and Pulping Detroit.

Connah taught Advanced Architecture Studies at the Stockholm Royal School and from 2000 has been Visiting Professor (Graduate Studio) at the University of Texas at Arlington.

His forthcoming works include Modernism in Finland (London 2005), Inshallah, Defintely! (Karachi, 2005), The Pulp Architecture Manual (2006) plus a film on Eero Saarinen. He has currently been on an extended research trip to Lahore and Karachi to prepare the collection: State of Art, State of Mind. He runs the Pulp Architecture website with John Maruszczak: for more information, please visit