Richard Henriquez’ Legacy Honoured at Henriquez Partners Architects’ 50th Anniversary

Henriquez Partners Architects celebrated its 50th anniversary honouring and recognizing the lasting legacy of the architecture studio’s founder, Richard Henriquez, C.M.

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Recognized as a Member of the Order of Canada in 2017 for his outstanding contributions to Canadian architecture, Richard Henriquez is also the recipient of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada’s Gold Medal, the highest honour in Canadian professional architecture.

Richard’s architectural creativity and commitment to design excellence continue to influence Henriquez Partners Architects’ work and Vancouver’s cityscape.

Richard Henriquez’s notable projects include Vancouver’s Sylvia Tower, Eugenia Place, Sinclair Centre, the United Nations Peacekeeping Monument in Ottawa, Trent University’s Environmental Sciences Building, New Westminster’s Justice Institute of British Columbia, and the BC Cancer Research Centre.

As stated by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, Richard’s work has had “a broad and significant impact on the profession, reaching beyond his hometown of Vancouver. His understanding of the art of sculpture and architecture is evident as he works from an imaginative tradition where buildings are much more than just composed technologies. His work expresses a search for meaning, demonstrating his ability to transform modest projects into highly symbolic works. His accomplishments raise the profile of architecture for the public and the profession alike.”

“Our 50th anniversary marks the continued growth and success of the business, and is a celebration of my father’s lasting impact on the studio and on the city of Vancouver. Our social justice roots, which date back over 40 years, are a part of my father’s legacy and the studio’s future,” said Gregory Henriquez, Richard’s son and Managing Principal of Henriquez Partners Architects.