Renovation of Hamilton Farmers’ Market and Hamilton Central Public Library

david premi Architects inc. in association with Rounthwaite Dick and Hadley Architects Inc. (rdh),

were commissioned by the City of Hamilton in early 2008 to undertake a major renovation of the

Hamilton Farmers Market and Public Library in the city’s core. Contract documentation is

complete and the project has an anticipated construction completion of Fall 2010.


The project, which includes 6,500 square metres of renovation and 1,000 square metres of additions, rebrands both the market and library. Together with the reimaging of the combined facility to reinforce its status as a public destination, the project represents a significant component of Hamilton’s overall urban renewal initiative. The project will be completed simultaneously with a City-administered York Boulevard streetscape-improvement project, including widened sidewalks and conversion to two-way traffic.


The renovated facility will include a new glazed façade with colour-changing LED lights, a green

wall, and many opportunities for integration of public art including video installations. Interior

partitions are to be constructed of tempered plate glass to allow maximum visibility and

penetration of natural light. The façade will include large operable panels to allow interior space to

open to the sidewalk.


david premi Architects inc. is a Hamilton-based firm focusing on sustainable institutional and

renewal projects. rdh is an award-winning Toronto-based firm specializing in corporate and institutional architecture.