Reminder: Canadian Architect Digital Media Awards deadline is April 15th (March 29, 2004)

Digital design and media have been fully integrated into the process and practice of architecture, and it is no longer applicable to discuss computer-aided design (CAD) as a mere tool in the design process. Rather, it is holistic to the conception and practice of architecture. For this reason, the Art of CAD competition, now entering its tenth year, has evolved into the Digital Media Awards. In addition to photorealistic and interpretive renderings, digital media in architecture now includes interactive design, technical analysis, online presence, promotion of architectural concepts to a client or broader audience, and more generally, a sophisticated means of maintaining and delivering design integrity from investigation to production. Entries will be judged on the merits of innovation, quality and craft as well as the extent to which digital technology has been explored and exploited.

The competition is open to all. All types of original computer-generated materials are eligible, including: animations, website visuals, analytical or interactive models, promotional or speculative presentations, and of course 3D/2D renderings. Images must not have been published previously. Images generated by manufacturers are not eligible.

Two major categories will be used in judging how the digital media submissions allow for innovation: 1) Technical and 2) Design Conception Technical submissions are judged on such issues as geometrical analysis and its translation into construction, studies relating to building systems (e.g.: daylighting or sustainable design), or their means of production (e.g.: CNC milling, prototypes, building assemblies). The category of Design Conception is judged on how digital media allows your design submissions to be expressed as innovatively as possible while displaying the richness and variability of the design. Within both categories, separate awards have been established for projects that are either: a) applied or b) speculative. Applied projects are those that are, or could be built. Speculative projects are predominantly investigative of the process of design and communication through digital media. Within all categories, submissions may include all forms of static and dynamic media which could include drawings, images, or animations as well as interactive media such as Quick Time VR.

Entries must be received by 5 pm, Thursday, April 15, 2004.

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