REDUX PARK exhibition at Architecture at Harbourfront in Toronto

On June 18, 2010, Toronto firm Brook McIlroy, alongside 548796 (Winnipeg), Vlan Paysages (Montreal), Atelier in Situ (Montreal) and visual artists T&T (Vancouver), will unveil a conceptual plan for transforming a magnificent post-industrial structure into a revitalized wildlife and urban waterfront sanctuary. Architecture at the Harbourfront’s Summer 2010 exhibit, REDUX PARK, provides novel perspectives on repurposing our cities’ unused industrial infrastructure within the greater fabric of an urban landscape.


Brook McIlroy’s THUNDER BAY IOD responds to the City of Thunder Bay’s recently initiated project of converting its industrial waterfront into public trails, parks and villages. This era of transformation – predicated on embracing the waterfront as an amenity – has also seen the removal of some of its heroic industrial legacy embodied in the massive structures that line the shores of Lake Superior. The installation invites visitors to experience this reimagined waterfront park through sound, photography, video and light. Nodding to the structure’s overwhelming and magnificent size, the exhibit’s photographic montage is secured upon an overarching curved construction with a linear water garden following its base, illustrating both what exists now and what could exist.


The opening reception for REDUX PARK is Friday June 18, 2010, from 6:00pm to 10pm. The exhibition runs from Saturday, June 19 to Sunday, September 12, 2010 at Harbourfront Centre, 235 Queen’s Quay West, Toronto.


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