Rainscreen technology for EIFS

The Pressure Utilized Compartmented Cavity System by DuRock Alfacing provides rainscreen technology for EIFS, but without the added cost of special components and labour for installation. DuRock devised the PUCCSystem to provide the look, feel, and economy of EIFS that many designers appreciate, but without the expensive premiums for unnecessary special components.

A drainage cavity for EIFS is different than that of other cladding systems because of its exterior thermal insulation and hydrophobic components. Walls clad with EIFS are as effective as other cladding systems in managing moisture, and are more thermally efficient and air tight, as well as providing colour, shape, and texture for walls. Since the volume of incidental moisture present in an EIFS wall assembly over its life cycle is comparatively lower than in a brick veneer wall, the cavity can be significantly smaller, or even intermittent. A cladding system must be designed for construction sequence, durability and serviceability–all part of our successful building envelope design.