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Canadian and European Architects Sign Accord

The RAIC and the Committee of Canadian Architectural Councils met in Ottawa with representatives from the Architects Council of Europe (ACE). The RAIC hosted and facilitated these important meetings as part of its international mandate. Agreement was reached on a Professional Accord which allows for professional exchange and commits the provincial associations to negotiate and conclude, within 12 months, a mutual recognition agreement (MRA) with the ACE. MRAs provide for the reciprocal recognition of the credentials of Architects from other countries under terms stipulated in the agreement. This future agreement will not only encourage more exchange with European colleagues, it will also allow for the mobility of Architects and architectural services, and ultimately help to integrate experienced European Architects into the Canadian system.

Affecting change at the Federal level

The RAIC works closely with the Federal Government to ensure Canadian Architects are heard and to improve the selection process and contracting procedures for Architects to make them fairer and more transparent.

On the profession’s behalf, the RAIC has sought improvements from Public Works Government Services Canada (PWGSC) regarding insurance requirements and made two submissions to the Parliamentary Secretary’s Task Force on the Government-Wide Review of Procurement.

This close relationship has resulted in:

* A review of the “scoring” system for proposals

* Dialogue and some improvements to professional liability requirements

* A meeting with PWGC and SNC-Lavalin ProFac to understand how Architects can provide services under the Alternate Form of Project Delivery (bundling of facility management contracts for federal buildings)

The RAIC also participated in a strategic planning session — the Minister’s Roundtable on Parks Canada. More funding for National Historic Sites and the instruction and dissemination of the new Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada have been identified as important components for Parks Canada’s future.

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