RAIC launches APEC Architect Register (October 01, 2005)

In an effort to help the profession offer architectural services throughout the Asia Pacific region, RAIC joined with architectural associations around the Pacific rim in developing an APEC Architect Register.

“This project is a wonderful way to highlight the wealth of experience Canadian architects have to offer the world,” said RAIC President Yves Gosselin, FIRAC. “By offering clear criteria and keeping a database of qualified candidates we hope to see many more Canadian architects working in the Pacific rim countries, including the Republic of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.”

In order to be eligible for the register, architects must have been licensed or registered in Canada for at least seven years, and be able to demonstrate they have practiced in a position of professional responsibility within the preceding two years. Successful applicants will then receive: an APEC Architect certificate and identification card; be listed on the RAIC APEC website with links to the practice or firm’s site; and, be offered communications and networking opportunities with other APEC Architects and APEC Economies.

Applications to the register will be reviewed by the Canada’s APEC Architect Monitoring Committee.

Current members include:

* Bonnie Maples, PP/FRAIC, Past President, RAIC

* Jon Hobbs, MRAIC, Executive Director, RAIC

* Stuart Howard, MRAIC, Past-President, Architectural Institute of British Columbia; Chair, the Committee of Canadian Architectural Councils

* Lisa Bate, MRAIC, Vice President, Ontario Association of Architects

* Larry Jones, FRAIC, Architects Association of Prince Edward Island

* Charles Henley, Past-Chair, the Committee of Canadian Architectural Councils

Architects from 14 Pacific Rim countries, including the three Chinese economies (Peoples’ Republic of China, Chinese Taipei or Taiwan, and Chinese Hong Kong) agreed to launch the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Architect Project September 19, 2005 during a meeting held earlier this year in Tokyo.