RAIC International Prize Scholarships: Lucie Palombi

This essay was one of the winners of a 2019 RAIC International Prize Scholarship

Lucie Palombi’s essay adopts the form of a letter to Le Corbusier. She writes about being inspired by the travels he recounted in published journals. Through the descriptions of North America in the 19th century, Paris in the 20th, and the Gardens of Versailles, Palombi ponders the question: “Can we shape the world with words on paper?” As she journeys to these far-off locations from her library, Palombi learns that stories– real or fictional –give life to places.

Jury comment: The essay was astute and original in form and content, as well as beautifully written. It indicated a fresh and probing new mind capable of contributing to the discipline in thought and deed.