RAIC Gold Medal 2021


In the RAIC Gold Medal 2021 Issue:

2021 RAIC Gold Medal: Architecture of Insistence—Crafting Place, Building Material Legacies

Cultural theorist Elke Krasny analyzes the ways in which Shim-Sutcliffe has achieved an oeuvre, through the context of today’s globalized economic and cultural conditions.

2021 RAIC Gold Medal: Governor General’s Medals and Awards Received by Shim-Sutcliffe, 1992-2020

Shim-Sutcliffe presents a retrospective of their fifteen projects premiated by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada and Canada Council for the Arts’ Governor General’s Medals programme.

2021 RAIC Gold Medal: A Work in Progress

Here are the voices of some of those who have worked with Brigitte Shim and Howard Sutcliffe, and who have been touched by their work.

2021 RAIC Gold Medal: Teaching and Pedagogy

On the occasion of Brigitte Shim winning the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada’s Gold Medal 2021 with her partner, A. Howard Sutcliffe, Professor Shim reflected on her three-decade-long commitment to teaching with her Daniels Faculty colleague, Professor Robert Wright.

2021 RAIC Gold Medal: Climate, Place and Craft

In November 2020, Brigitte Shim presented the work of Shim-Sutcliffe as part of the Angan Lecture Series at the School of Architecture and Design, Brac University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The online lecture was followed by responses from Kenneth Frampton and Marina Tabassum. Here are some of Kenneth Frampton’s remarks.