RAIC Festival 2005

The profession will be gathering in Edmonton, Alberta May 4-7, 2005 during the RAIC Festival of Architecture to explore Architecture, Art and Urban Design — Celebrating the City.

The Festival is the profession’s annual celebration of Canadian Architecture and an opportunity to reflect on architectural practice and urbanism, as well as interact with clients and the public.

As noted in previous communications this year once again features a stellar roster of speakers.

*Jeremy Harris, former Mayor of Honolulu

*Kenneth Frampton, a prolific writer, architectural critic and theoretician

*Rob Wellington Quigley, an Architect based in San Diego, California well-known for contemporary solutions for social housing

*Ed Mazria, founder and principal of the firm Mazria Odems Dzurec, a small design studio based in Santa Fe, New Mexico where innovation, experimentation and research is encouraged.

To further entice the profession to join in the celebration, this Update issue focuses on the full day of professional development courses being offered.

SDCB 205 — Green to Green: Opportunities for more Energy Efficient Building Retrofits

The RAIC’s latest offering intended for Architects, Engineers, Building Professionals, Owners and Facility Managers interested in incorporating energy efficient goals for building retrofits. Topics include project management and process strategies, building/energy audits, and energy retrofit strategies for electrical, HVAC and building envelopes. This course provides participants with the knowledge needed to make the best decisions for implementing strategies in retrofit projects.

Presenters: Stephen Kemp, M.A.Sc., P.Eng, Enermodel Engineering; Joanne McCallum, OAA, FRAIC, McCallum Sather Architects; John Straube, Ph.D, Balanced Solutions and Dept. of Civil Engineering and School of Architecture, University of Waterloo.

After many requests the RAIC is once more also offering its popular SDCB 302: Sustainable Building: Making the Case for Building Integrated Photovoltaics presented by Dr. Ray Cole, Ph.D., University of British Columbia. If you haven’t taken this course yet, this is a good opportunity.

Also of interest are fascinating topics covered in a multitude of offerings.

The following is only a glimpse of the almost 30 courses scheduled to be offered.

Bow Valley Centre (The Bridges): A Master-planned City Neighbourhood, the Concepts and the Process

The Bridges is a mixed-use residential development on the site of the former Calgary General Hospital, within an established central city neighbourhood. A national design competition called for the development of a sustainable transit and pedestrian friendly community. The site was expanded to 37 acres by including an existing park, with the proviso that an equivalent park space be incorporated.

This presentation focuses on the master plan concept and its evolution through urban design concepts to achieve public and fiscal objectives, including extending the street block grid, developing building typology for low- to mid-rise scale, focusing on public places, and the role of the city as developer.

Presenters: Jeremy Sturgess, RCA, FRAIC, Principal, Sturgess Architecture; Doug Carlyle, B.E.S., M.LAND. ARCH., A.A.L.A., C.S.L.A. Principal, Carlyle and Associates Landscape Architecture

Calgary Court Centre

The Calgary Court Centre is a $300-million Government of Alberta facility under construction in downtown Calgary procured using a design-build operate approach, a methodology that embraced private sector competition on the design, construction and the long-term operations of the facility. The Government of Alberta’s objectives, the procurement process and the results achieved will all be explored through this presentation.

Presenters: Diane Dalgleish, Executive Director, Property Development, Alberta Infrastructure, Government of Alberta; Bill Chomik, AAA, PP/FRAIC, Principal, Kasian Architecture Fabrizio Carinelli, CANA Construction

Urban Revitalization through Community Policing

Toronto’s new 51 Division building presents a significant shift in building typology away from traditional police facilities. The form and location of this new divisional building emerges from the principles of community policing, accessibility, visibility, and neighbourhood pride. Located on a prominent 2.5 acre site on the northeast corner of Front and Parliament Streets, this facility is in the heart of the historic Cork Town district of Toronto. The high visibility and quality of this building promotes the presence of the police in the community and serves as an urban catalyst for the neighbourhood.

Presenter: Michael Moxam, OAA, FRAIC, Principal, Stantec Architecture

Rejuvenation of the Jubilee Auditoria — Acoustic and Performance Considerations

The year 2005 — Alberta’s Centennial — will reveal the transformation of the audience chamber of the Northern and Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditoria. Presented in 1955 as gifts to future generations of Albertans in commemoration of the Province’s Golden Jubilee, the renewal of these facilities will continue and build on the tradition of hosting world-class cultural events in Alberta. A structured program of investigation and design carried out in the fall of 2000 identified the renewal of the audience chamber and supporting infrastructure to be the highest priority. This presentation will focus on the audience chamber reconfiguration and the impact of project criteria in the evolution of the design.

Presenters: Fred Valentine, RCA, FRAIC, Principal CPV Group Ltd.; John Newman, MRAIC, Alberta Infrastructure & Transportation Project Manager; Kelly Kruger, P.Eng. Alberta Infrastructure & Transportation Manager of Acoustics

Events, Exhibitions and Publications supported by the Canada Council for the Arts

This course discusses various strategies for making the public aware of the importance of architecture in their lives.

A selection of architectural books, exhibitions and events funded through Canada Council’s new architecture programs will be presented. As well as explanations about how each project organized its public outreach, and tell what degree of success they have had.

More generally, the presentation will show what the Canada Council has done to raise the profile of Canadian writers in this country, in the last 10 years, and stress all the work that still has to be done in architecture.

Presenter: Brigitte Desrochers, B.Arch, M.Arch, Ph.D., Architecture Officer, Visual Arts Section, Canada Council for the Arts

Long-term Planning and Design of Integrated Built Environments: Adjusting the Boundaries of Standard Practice

This course evaluates how changing paradigms are affecting how cities are planned and designed. In particular, participants will explore how a long-term sustainability paradigm alters every stage in the planning process and leads to more resilient and integrated urban systems.

Presenter: Sebastian Moffat, President, The Sheltair Group

These are just the highlights. There is also a series of case studies about Educational Facilities. A discussion about Red Deer College will be led by Doug Sharp, AAA, their Director of Facilities; Doug Cinnamon, OAA, AAA will focus on his firm’s experience with Centennial High School; and, Doug Cheetham, AAA, MRAIC, LEED AP and his group will detail the challenges of integrating three educational facilities in the Rocky Mountain House Multi-Campus Facility.

With s
o many courses to choose from there is certain to be something for everyone. And if satisfying continuing education credits isn’t enough to have readers looking to register for the Festival, there is also a trade show, presentation of the RAIC Awards of Excellence, the College of Fellows convocation, exhibitions of architectural work, art work and a number of architectural tours of Edmonton’s attractions taking place, and many social activities.

The trade show takes place May 5 and is expected to be attended by approximately 700 Architects from across Canada. There is still time to become an exhibitor and present products and services with other industry leaders. Call SJ Event Management Inc. at (780) 433-9602 to reserve a booth.

For full Festival details and to register, please consult the RAIC Festival web site at www.raicfestival2005.ca.

Come to Edmonton this year to exchange ideas and listen to some of the professions’ most forward thinkers, and celebrate Architecture — its successes and challenges.