RAIC launches new organization for emerging practitioners

RAIC Emerging Practitioners

This year, the RAIC will launch a national organizationRAIC Emerging Practitioners / IRAC Relève professionelleat their Festival of Architecture in Nanaimo, BC.

Founded, directed and governed by emerging practitioners in the field of architecture, the organization’s mission will be to inspire and advocate for the continued professional growth of emerging practitioners on their path to licensure.

The RAIC EP/IRAC RP will serve as a link and provide a sense of continuity in the professional development of emerging practitioners from students in an academic setting through to becoming licensed members of the architectural profession. It will also act as an advocacy group, providing emerging practitioners with a venue for support, networking and contributing to the practice of architecture in Canada.

The organization is currently made up of students, intern architects and recently licensed architects from across Canada. The RAIC EP/IRAC RP is looking to grow their team in order to strengthen the voice of and connect emerging practitioners across Canada.

To learn more or to become part of the group, visit the RAIC EP/IRAC RP website at raicep.ca.

The RAIC EP/IRAC RP is asking emerging practitioners from across the country to help design their logo. To enter the national logo competition, click here.