RAIC call for submissions for Architectural Firm Award

This award recognizes an architectural firm or practice that has consistently produced distinguished architecture. The award recognizes the achievements of the firm for its quality of architecture, its service to its clients, its innovations in practice, contributions to architectural education and to professional institutions and associations and public recognition.

Eligibility requirements include architectural firms or architectural practices who are resident in Canada or who have their principal office located in Canada, and who possess the appropriate Certificate of Practice or authorization to practice as required by the provincial licensing authorities, and who have been together as an organization or as successor firm for at least ten years.

Submissions received will be considered each year for three consecutive years, after which the submission will lapse. The submitter(s) may modify/revise the submission to bring it up to date. This does not apply to award recipients.

The submission deadline is January 15, 2015.

For full details, please visit www.raic.org/honours_and_awards/awards_firm/tor_e.htm