RAIC announces National Urban Design Awards

The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada is pleased to announce its call for submissions for the 2006 National Urban Design Awards.

“Urban design and architectural excellence play an important role in maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in Canadian cities,” said RAIC President Yves Gosselin, FIRAC. “The RAIC, in co-operation with a growing number of Canadian municipalities is promoting public and private awareness of that role.”

The awards are part of a two-tiered program held in co-operation with major metropolitan centres in Canada. Participants will be recipients of the previous year’s winners from participating municipalities, such as Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa as well as submissions from othercommunities in Canada.

The winners of the national awards will be unveiled at the joint RAIC/Architectural Institute of British Columbia Conference and Festival of Architecture in Vancouver in June 2006.

The award is not restricted to architects and is open to other professionals and community groups. The deadline for entries is 4:00 pm on April 13, 2006. Details are available at www.raic.org/raic/honours_and_awards/awards/urban-submission_e.htm.

The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada is a voluntary national association established in 1907 as the voice for architecture and its practice in Canada. Representing more than 3,300 architects, the RAIC provides the national framework for the development and recognition of architectural excellence.