Quarry Rock Thinstone Veneer (September 01, 2004)

Quarry Rock Thinstone Veneer offers a new realm of design, engineering, and fabrication, that installation demands. Quarry Rock is a Canadian company and has been a producer of Natural Thinstone Veneer for over 30 years

Thinstone Veneer offers countless variations for interior and exterior design. It comes in 1/2″ to 11/2″ thick flats and 90 corners, is lightweight, and fast and easy to install. It requires no footings, so expensive foundations can be eliminated — a great alternative for projects with limited space or weight restrictions. It is cut from the finest stones of North America, has over 50 choices of natural stone product and provides a stable thermal mass which is energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly and easy to maintain.

It’s real stone, done differently. Call 416-368-4700 for more information or visit: www.qrthinstone.com