Quarry Rock Thinstone Veneer (August 01, 2004)

Quarry Rock Thinstone Veneer offers a new realm of design, engineering, and fabrication, that installation demands.

Quarry Rock is a Canadian company and has been a producer of Natural Thinstone Veneer for over 30 years.

Quarry Rock products offer countless variations for interior and exterior design. It comes in 1/2″ to 1 1/2″ thick flats and 90 degree corners, is light in weight, and is faster and easier to install.

Quarry Rock Thinstone Veneer is instrumental for bringing natural stone to non-load bearing construction. It requires no footings, so expensive foundations can be eliminated while still providing the appearance of solid stone. This gives the Owners, Architects, Builders and Designers the most desired building material available for their projects. It can be a great alternative for projects with limited space or weight restrictions.

Quarry Rock Thinstone Veneer is cut from the finest stones of North America.

Quarry Rock has over 50 choices of natural stone product that can be combined in many different ways to create that natural beauty for on the wall, that is timeless. Yet it provides a stable thermal mass which is energy-efficient, environmental friendly and easy to maintain.

Remember to use Quarry Rock natural Thinstone Veneer — it’s real stone, done differently. Call 416-368-4700 for more information or visit: www.qrthinstone.com