PULP Paper Art Party call for submissions

Taking place on May 23, 2015 at the Jam Factory Co. in Toronto, the PULP: paper art party is an integration between a live music show and an art exhibit made out of reclaimed materials. It’s a paper playground!

Exciting designs for art installations, furniture, and outfits made of reclaimed materials are being sought. Interaction and activities for party guests are highly encouraged. All submissions found to be interesting will be invited to be constructed at the party. All participating artists (including video) will receive free admission.

Anyone can submit a design, and more than one design can be submitted. Designers must provide a short text description and any conceptual drawings and models (photos, sketches, or 3D images) conveying the intention and plausibility of their designs. Type and number of images are up to the design teams. Please provide JPGs or PDFs. It’s better to submit a rough draft now with the understanding that it will be refined. Designs must take into account that setup must occur on the day of the event and thus must be constructed quickly; or, they must be created in studio and assembled on site.

Designers are encouraged to think out of the box and create unique temporary spaces. Installations should serve a programmatic purpose during the event—conversation, debate, creation, drinking or play. Designs will be selected on the basis of their ability to create environment-related discussion, function, grandeur (this is a party after all), or its potential for further development as a waste-reduction technique.

The submission deadline is April 23, 2015. Extensions may be granted.

For full details, please visit http://pulpartparty.ca/2015-2/submit-designs-paper-art-party-2015/