Public Health Promotion in Public Spaces: a presentation and discussion with Danish entrepreneurs Lars & Charlotte Barkholt

Norwell Form Function is a Danish company that develops outdoor fitness equipment appropriate for all age groups. Based on simple Scandinavian design, the equipment contributes to the aesthetics of any setting, facilitating a wide range of movements to train and maintain the body. The company’s ambition is to promote public health through the provision of easily accessible and usable exercise possibilities.


The company’s owners, Lars and Charlotte Barkholt, were named Denmark’s “Entrepreneur of The Year”. They were also recognized by the Danish Ministry for Social Welfare their contributions to better public health, and they received the “Let’s Play” Award for their contribution to the transformation of Odense City Centre, making it an extremely attractive public space for businesses and residents.


Find inspiration in examples of public spaces that benefit their communities by meeting the need for health, exercise and social integration. Remind yourself of the importance of holistic park planning and prioritizing users when determining park layouts, location, and recreational offers. Learn about the experiences of Danish municipalities, private companies, and building co-ops who are integrating outdoor fitness solutions in their public or shared spaces. Gain understanding from exploring the user profiles and the public and private reactions to the development of the public spaces.


This lunch ‘n learn session takes place on Thursday, June 4, 2009 on the ground floor of the Design Exchange in Toronto. Admission is free to all, and bring your own bagged lunch.