Provencher_Roy and Havas partner to launch La Maison W in Montreal

Photo credit: Provencher_Roy
Photo credit: Provencher_Roy

Provencher_Roy has announced its strategic partnership with Havas Montréal as part of the opening of La Maison W in Montréal, a design, branding and architecture studio. The project will create distinct and comprehensive client experiences based on design. La Maison W’s mission is to build iconic brands environments comprising graphic identities, images, words, objects and spaces.

The first La Maison W opened in France as part of the Paris-based W agency, founded by Gilles Deléris and Denis Gancel, and also part of Havas Montréal. La Maison W is based on five areas of expertise: design, branding and architecture, as well as creation of visual and editorial content. Over the years, it has built a portfolio with prestigious brands such as Alpine, Roland-Garros, Barrière, Sofitel, MGallery, SoLegend and Pernod Ricard. Martin Piot, Managing Director of W, oversees the Paris office of La Maison W. The new Montreal office will be managed by Nikolaos Lerakis.“The opening of La Maison W in Montreal is part of our Together strategy to unite, in every Havas Village, all the expertise required to offer integrated services. It will also perfectly dovetail with the dynamic team in Montréal, which is a UNESCO City of Design,” commented Yannick Bolloré, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Havas Montréal.

Claude Provencher, President of Provencher_Roy, added, “The partnership with La Maison W is part of our development strategy. This new offer aligns perfectly with a growing demand from clients for a more global approach to their brand management. The possibility of offering these complementary services opens the door to new opportunities and collaborations between the various disciplines of design.”

“By combining the rich history, the strategic reputation and the creativity of the W agency in Paris, with the entrepreneurial savvy of Nikolaos Lerakis and his team, and the expertise of Provencher_Roy, we will be better able to provide Canadian brands with a world-class service offer,” explained Jan-Nicolas Vanderveken, President and CEO of Havas Montréal.

The development of La Maison W will be under the supervision of Nikolaos Lerakis, as well as Stéphane Mailhiot, Vice President, Strategy of Havas Montréal, Vincent Hauspy, Partner, Interior Design Division, Provencher_Roy, and Jan-Nicolas Vanderveken.