Off-Grid in Z-Town

A Vancouver firm's sequence of houses in a remote Mexican town offers lessons in passive environmental design.


Architect Mark Shapiro was mistakenly identified as George Shapiro in the last paragraph on page 26 of the article entitled “More Than Meets the…

Rural Chic

An ambitious recreational development centres on a farm-themed hotel complex, tied to ski hill Le Massif by a scenic train route.

Commonwealth Conversion

Combining a pro football stadium with community facilities, Edmonton's latest recreation centre is a welcome addition to an inner-city neighbourhood.

Raising the Roof

Employing a vernacular aesthetic, a handsome community centre brings together residents at the threshold of a Golden Horseshoe town.

Building Blocks

Ontario's current full-day kindergarten additions and renovations allow architects to go beyond the design brief in contributing to learning environments for…

Scooter House

A charmingly simple backyard structure in the city is achieved through an admirable economy of means.

Editorial: Alternative Pathways

Buildings deteriorate, projects falter, relationships fall apart--all yielding openings for new working methods and new talent to enter the market.

Sound Design

The English-language winner of the Maison de l'architecture du Qubec's writing competition applauds Montreal's new symphony hall.


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