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Emerging Talent: Ply Architecture

After three years designing for offices in Hong Kong, in 2013 itinerant travellers Arnold Chan, MRAIC and Casey Burgess took a huge leap of faith…

Emerging Talent: RHAD Architects

When she launched a solo practice in August 2010 out of a room in her house, Rayleen Hill, MRAIC had little idea where it might lead. “I pictured doing small…

Emerging Talent: Sixteen Degree Studio

In the website photo of Sixteen Degree Studio’s two principals, Kelly Doyle and Stephanie Vermeulen are wearing dark, monochromatic clothing and standing in…

Emerging Talent: Studio North

Matthew Kennedy, MRAIC and Mark Erickson have led eerily parallel lives. Both grew up in Calgary, attended the same high school, even drove the same kind of…

Two Circles

A simple but sublime artwork marks the lobbies of Toronto's recently completed Bay Adelaide Centre East.

Pocket-Sized Tour Guide

Digital tools are changing the way we experience architecture. Here's a roundup of download-worthy apps, podcasts, videos and interactive websites that inspire…


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