Program Unveiled for International Garden Festival’s 25th Anniversary

The Ecology of Possibility is the theme for the 25th edition of the International Garden Festival, in Grand-Métis, Quebec, which begins this month.

Pergola, 2024
Photo credit: Jérôme Lapierre Architecte

The 25th edition of the Reford Gardens International Garden Festival, in Grand-Métis, Quebec,  will take place from June 22 to October 6, 2024.

The theme for the 25th edition will be The Ecology of Possibility and the event will kick off with Discussion Day, the first conference-type event organized by the Festival since 2001. Discussion Days will take place over the Fête Nationale / Saint-Jean-Baptiste holiday weekend in Grand-Métis and aims to bring together professionals, experts, students, the 2024 designers, and members of the general public.

Discussion Days aim to create a safe space to share ideas and challenge preconceptions about the built environment, the cultural landscape, and biodiversity. The keynote will be given by Chantal Colleu-Dumond, executive and artistic director of the Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire and its Festival International des Jardins.

The visual identity for the 25th edition of the International Garden Festival was designed by the team from Montréal  graphic designers Principal.

The festival will feature several special onsite projects including Pergola by Jérôme Lapierre Architecte, who was asked to design a small pavilion to mark the event’s main entrance. Pergola will be inaugurated on June 22, and will offer a contemporary reimagining of the small garden structure traditionally used to provide shade and support for climbing plants. The project is made of thin walls of interwoven red oak slats and seeks to celebrate and showcase the play of light and shadow in the surrounding gardens.

The festival will also feature the Bruissement d’ailes by Bernard Chapuis and Georges Vafias, a culmination of a bilateral agreement between France and Québec, which is a garden that aims to highlight the need to get back to basics and be as close as possible to the natural environment.

Bruissement d’ailes. Festival International des Jardins, Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire. Image courtesy International Garden Festival

This year, artistic director Ève De Garie-Lamanque invited designers to imagine the future of the garden. Four projects were selected amongst the 216 submitted (from 30 countries): Couleur Nature (Vanderveken, Architecture + Paysage | Saint-Lambert, Québec, Canada); FUTURE DRIFTS (Julia Lines Wilson | United States); Rue Liereman / Organ Man Street (Pioniersplanters | Belgium); and Superstrata (mat-on | Italy).

Couleur Nature, Vanderveken, Architecture + Paysage. Image courtesy International Garden Festival
FUTURE DRIFTS, Julia Lines Wilson. Image courtesy International Garden Festival
Rue Liereman | Organ Man Street, Pioniersplanters. Image courtesy International Garden Festival
Superstrata, mat-on. Image courtesy International Garden Festival

Extramural projects will include FolkFlore, which evokes both the boreal forest and the art of finger weaving, and will be on exhibit until November 3. Inaugurated on May 3, this carte verte, presented by the International Garden Festival at its counterpart festival at Chaumont-sur-Loire on the occasion of our 25th anniversary, was designed by LNpaysage (Luu-Thuy Nguyen, landscape architect) and Champ Libre, studio créatif (Émilie Tanguay-Pelchat, landscape architect and scenographer), in collaboration with Ève De Garie-Lamanque (curator) and Yvette Michelin (sash weaver).

For more information on the festival, click here.