Products & Services (August 01, 2001)


Web site for landscape structures. Landscape Structures Inc., manufacturers of park and playground equipment, includes photos and descriptions, a step-by-step guide to playground planning, a library of information and more at its web site. Visit

Design guide on trusses. Neil Wexler of Wexler and Associates Structural Engineers will produce a manual for the design of staggered truss framing for structural steel, to be published by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC). (212) 486-7355 or e-mail

Specification developer CD. A new CD poses a series of questions the user answers with respect to the concrete required in a given project. A custom concrete and admixture specification is automatically generated through the software.

Online flooring warranty. Bruce Flooring offers a warranty registration for purchasers of Bruce hardwood floors, replacing traditional mailed-in postcards.


Division 6–Wood and Plastics

Environmental structural panel. Oriented strand board, manufactured using wood as efficiently as possible, makes it an appropriate product for green building. See

Division 7–Thermal and Moisture Protection

Polyurethane roofing. Specialty Products Inc. offers a roofing system that contains a two-component elastomeric, polyurea coating for application over Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roofing systems. Annual HVAC costs can be reduced by 30-50 percent. 1-800-627-0773 or

Fiberglass insulation. Johns Manville introduces Easyfit perforated fiberglass insulation. Features batts which will be 15″ or 23″ widths with vertical perforations that allow installers to custom fit instead of cutting the batt with a utility knife. (303) 978-3331.

Division 9–Finishes

Finishes for wall applications. Marlite has added a new series of finishes to its Plank system. The Turbulence series features six new colours designed for walls in high-traffic commercial interiors. View renderings at or call (614) 888-1381.

Division 10–Specialties

Automatic doormats. Larco, an Acrometal company, introduces completely submersible and presence-sensing doormats. Watertight assembly will not allow seepage to damage electrical circuit. See

Division 16–Electrical

Outdoor fixtures. Quality Lighting introduces the AOPV-21 high performance decorative post-top outdoor area luminaire. Intermediate-sized, glare-free pedestrian-level illumination for a broad range of commercial and contract environments. Shock-resistant frosted glass lens. (847) 451-0040.

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