Products & Services (May 01, 2001)


Hardwood specifying CD-ROM. The Hardwood Council has developed a new CD-ROM specifying tool for architects and designers called The Finishing Touch. Allows users to apply stain variations to photos of 21 North American hardwood species. Visit

Paint selection software. PARA Paints has introduced Design Vision software which allows users to take a digital photo or rendering of the room or setting in question and view it with different combinations of colours and trim. Incorporates 2,240 colours from PARA Paints’ DesignLine III colour system. (905) 792-0940.

Door coordinator system. A new brochure from DORMA highlights the company’s GSR door closer coordinator systems. The system provides sequential closing of pairs of doors equipped with overlapping astragals, panic devices, flush bolts and a cylindrical lock or other door hardware assemblies that require one door to close before another. Literature provides technical details, certification notes, specifications and finish selections. See

Wood veneer on the Internet. Marotte has launched a website for finding information on its wood veneered panels. 120 original wood varieties are available. Photographs on the site allow specifiers to see grain of wood and obtain advice on installation downloadable in .pdf format. See or call (212) 206-1730.

CMHC consumer information. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation publishes the Homebuying Step by Step Guide to help Canadians answer many homebuying questions. Other available publications include Homeowners’ Inspection Checklist and Your Next Move. See


Division 2–Sitework

Drainage system. Sealtight’s Mel-Drain DB Rolled Matrix Drainage System from W.R. Meadows, Inc. protects vapour/waterproofing membranes from hydrostatic build-up. Allows for the passage of moisture through the fabric while preventing fine soils from entering the drainage channel. (847) 683-4500.

Division 8–Doors and Windows

Rolled glass. Royal Glass by Bendheim is a series of precision rolled glass produced in four patterns. Can be tempered, laminated, mirrored or bent. Suitable for insulated units. (212) 226-6370.

Division 9–Finishes

Vinyl tile. Azrock introduces Static Dissipative Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) for commercial flooring with static dissipative properties and an easy installation system, for environments where static control is essential, such as laboratories and hospitals. See

Division 15–Mechanical

Prelubricated gaskets. Victaulic offers the Vic-Plus patent-pending dry-lubricated gasket system which requires no field lubrication and saves a step in installing piping systems. Dry, inert and non-toxic, it reduces assembly line time and eliminates messy lubricants. (416) 675-5575.

Division 16–Electrical

Energy-saving lighting. GE Lighting introduces the T8 Ultra Watt-Miser System, which uses 6% less energy than the standard T8. (216) 266-9702.

Functional task lighting. The Taskmaster Series 310 from TSAO Designs, Inc. is a linear hard-wired task and accent lighting fixture series of products. Units can be positioned singly or in unison to provide energy- efficient, color-corrected adjustable illumination for corporate offices, public and private library bookstacks, research rooms, museums and galleries and lounges. Three models for pendant-, table or wall-mounted lights. (203) 966-9559.

New floodlight. RAB Electric introduces a new H101 Floodlight for landscape lighting with a bell design for easier relamping and glare reduction. The H101 can be customized by adding a hood or guard to achieve the perfect landscape lighting effect. Made of one-piece die-cast construction with rugged mounting arm. Accepts 150 watt PAR 38 lamp maximum. (201) 784-8600.

T8 ballast line. MagneTek Lighting Products Group introduces Triad electronic linear fluorescent ballasts for T8 lamps. Has a ballast factor of .78, which is ideal for applications retrofitting T12 energy saving lamps, overlit in- stallations and others where maximum energy savings are required. (615) 316-5100.