Products & Services (August 01, 2002)


Construction industry portal. Centria launches a real-time Web site and portal for industrial/architectural search and retrieval needs for real time documents and drawings to assist architects, engineers and customers.

Wood design manual. The Canadian Wood Council/Conseil canadien du bois publishes the Wood Design Manual and the Engineering Guide for Wood Frame Construction. Both guides fully updated to National Building Code and CSA Standard. 1-800-463-5091 or


Division 2–Sitework

Geo-composite drain-board. Advanced Coatings Inc. introduces Geo-Wrap geo- composite drain board available in 1.83 and 2 metre heights. Ideal for applications ranging from building foundations to bridges and tunnels. 1-800-730-0814.

Landscape fabric. Typar Professional Landscape Fabric is covered with mulch which works to inhibit weeds. Extra heavy-duty, designed for areas with lots of traffic, potential erosion control problems or to be covered with sharp objects like stones. (615) 847-7000.

Division 7–Thermal and Moisture Protection

Balcony plug-in gutter. The Rheinzink Balcony Plug-in Gutter is a field-oriented modification of the conventional box-type gutter. Can be installed without using gutter brackets and can be plugged into the C-shaped gutter bracket of Rheinzink’s snap-lock bracket system. (604) 291-8171 or

Division 9–Finishes

Group of Seven colours. Para Paints introduces new palettes of colours seen in works by Group of Seven artists. Palettes of three comprise one dominant colour and two others for architectural details such as trim, doors, mouldings, fabrics and more. 1-888-213-1121 or (905) 893-1121.

Division 10–Specialties

In-line swivel fittings for railings. Kee Industrial introduces three new in-line swivel fittings for Kee-Lite aluminum fittings for railings and other tubular pipe structures. For indoor or outdoor use. (905) 669-1494 or

Mobile storage. Spacesaver introduces the new Designer Series of high-density mobile storage systems. Incorporates all visible surfaces from end panels and handles to aisle-identification cardholders. Available with any mobile storage systems by Spacesaver.

Division 13–Special Construction

Sound-insulation panels. Topakustik sound-deadening panels by Fantoni are suitable for public halls, theatres, sports facilities, restaurants and homes. Strips effectively absorb sound and guarantee high quality acoustics.

Division 16–Electrical

Cleanroom fixtures. Lithonia Lighting announces IntegraSeal fixtures for cleanroom applications. Retooled and redesigned to meet ISO 14644-1 universal cleanroom classification. (770) 922-9000 ext. 3652 or www.lithonia/com/integraseal