Products & Services (January 01, 2002)


Books online. Ballenford books on architecture has launched a Web site. Order online, review the inventory, view a list of events, and access Canadian architecture highlights.

Parametric building modeller. Revit Technology Corporation presents Revit 4.0, delivering hundreds of new capabilities. The parametric building modeller captures information for development of other parts of the project as the designer works. See


Division 15–Mechanical

Shower pans. Bradley shower pans are built with Terreon for applications requiring hard-wearing durability. Resists burns, chemicals and impact. See

New flushing system. Kohler introduces the Ingenium flushing system, a gravity-fed siphon jet system which makes efficient use of 1.6 gallons of water, compared to older 3.5 gallon-per-flush toilets. Visit or call 1-800-4-KOHLER

Division 16–Lighting

Wall mount luminaires. Quality Lighting introduces the OLV-8 and OLV-12 geometrically-designed outdoor building-mounted ambient accent and perimeter luminaires. Non-glare and weather-proof illumination for public and private building perimeters, terraces and entrances. See

SMT LED lamps. StackLED SMT LED lamps are manufactured using SMT (surface mount technology) by Ledtronics, Inc. Enables more LEDs to be placed on a printed circuit board for additional brightness and savings in maintenance and relamping. See or call (310) 534-1505. ca