Products & Services (October 01, 2001)


New graphics printers. Hewlett-Packard introduces three graphics printers with exceptional colour accuracy and remote proofing capabilities: the HP Designjet 10ps, HP Designjet 20ps and HP Designjet 50ps. Top colour accuracy with up to 90% of Pantone colours and 100% of all major offset colour standards. Superior image quality through six-colour printing, 2400 x 1200 dots-per-inch output on premium photo paper. Visit

Green resources online. The http:// search engine now has over 1000 links in 160 categories. From Straw Bale to Passive Solar, Green Office Products to Government Environmental Programs, Architecture Firms to Eco Construction Products. Visit

Steel Solutions Center. The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) has launched the Steel Solutions Center, a one-stop source for ideas and answers about steel design and construction. Created to serve the design, construction, and development communities, The Steel Solutions Centre can be reached by calling 312-670-2400 or by e-mail at

Conferencing Resource Center. SMART Technologies Inc. announces the SMART Conferencing Resource Center, an online resource to help customers identify video- and data-conferencing products that integrate with the SMART Board. As well, the Resource Center provides detailed instructions on how to integrate specific conferencing products with a SMART Board. Visit support/product/sb/conferencing.asp


Division 10–Specialties

Baby changing units. A wall-mounted baby-changing unit that folds away when not in use has been developed for the home. The EzeeChanger folds flat against the wall to avoid the clutter of a changing table and includes a safety strap to secure infant. (416) 593-1290 ext. 2226.

Division 12–Furnishings

Interactive overlay for plasma displays. SMART Technologies Inc. announces the SMART Board for Plasma Displays PN250b to support the NEC PlasmaSync 50MP1. The NEC PlasmaSync 50MP1 is a 50″ plasma display panel (PDP) that has wide-XGA resolution (1365 x 768 dots-per-inch). With the SMART Board for Plasma Displays attached to the NEC panel, users can access and control computer-based information from the overlay’s touch-sensitive surface. Call1-888-42-SMART or visit

Division 16–Electrical

Domestic LAN system. ITT Industries, Network Systems & Services has launched the DiLAN solution, a Domestic Integrated Local Area Network that supports telephone, data, audio/video and security capabilities over a single cabling infrastructure. DiLAN enables the use of home technologies from the security system to the entertainment center to the laser printer without usage and location constraints. DiLAN is supported by CAT 5 or 5e cabling installed throughout the house and linked between a centrally located control cabinet and outlets in each room. Call 212-651-4237 or e-mail