Products and Services (July 01, 2003)

Rendering and animation. REALS, a rendering and animation program, is a stand-alone Windows application that accepts 3D models in standard DXF or 3DS file formats. Fast rendering, raytracing, indirect light simulation, partial rendering, lighting effects etc. Free full-featured evaluation program available at

Artificial Love. Artificial Love: A Story of Machines and Architecture by Paul Shepeard is a history of the human species that considers sculpture, machines, and technology, considers the architect-citizen enamoured of the world around him over the critical theory of the academic. MIT Press, 296 pages, 11 illustrations. or e-mail


Division 7–Thermal and Moisture Protection

Air barrier. Sto Guard is a continuous structural barrier that adheres to sheathing and outperforms sheet building and house wrap. Doubles as a moisture barrier in wall assembly.

Division 12–Furnishings

Polyester fabrics. Victor Innovatex introduces two new Eco Intelligent Polyester fabrics by Steelcase Inc. and the Designtex Group. Eco Intelligent Polyester is the first synthetic textile designed for sustainability through its lifecycle of production, use, and perpetual recycling. New collection includes panel applications and seating patterns. Sustainable materials (fibers, dyestuffs, auxiliary chemicals, and energy sources) and manufacturing processes are in use.

Desk system. Cadence, introduced by Allsteel, can be assembled easily for a number of environments, from open plan to private office. Works with the Consensys collection of panels for coordination. Multiple desk styles include bow-front, peninsula and several corner configurations. Overhead storage is in a selection of desk-, wall- and panel-mounted options. (563) 262-4800.

Division 9–Finishes

Eco-polymeric flooring. Stratica by Arteca is an eco-polymeric flooring that contains no plasticizers, is chlorine-free and emits the lowest possible levels of VOCs. Does not require dressing and cleaning with caustic chemicals. Low weight and high sound absorption.

Stone surfacing material. Okite by Seieffe Corporation is a quartz-based stone surfacing material with translucent colours (red, green, orange, and yellow) and in a textured veining that passes through the entire thickness of the slab. For use on countertops, partition walls and reception areas. Granite collection offers a textured granite surface in extensive colours and varieties. (713) 849-3800.

Division 15–Mechanical

Radiators. Myson has added four new radiators to its full line of models, including the Select, LST, Eclipse, and Column, with 112 new sizes. See

Division 16–Electrical

Architectural fixtures. Day-Brite Lighting announces the Masterpiece Collection of architectural fixtures with Marcato Fluorescent Luminaires. Designed for direct and indirect applications and uses 32-watt T8 lamps and offers one to three lamp configurations.

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