PopCanCrit comes to Vancouver’s Simon Fraser University in October

PopCanCrit is back for 2018! How does the art of architecture and the art of business come together? How is the subject of business being taught within schools of architecture? What does it mean to practice architecture? What does success mean to the architect?PopCanCrit

PopCanCrit: The Business of Architecture in Canada will explore these topics and more through a series of panel discussions in a day-long symposium on October 19, 2018 in Vancouver. This is the third national symposium in a series that looks at contemporary topics related to the intersections between the public understanding, education and profession of architecture, specifically within our Canadian context.

The 2018 symposium will bring together leading architects, academics, media and business strategy personnel to discuss the business of architecture in Canada. Panel discussions will focus on how business topics are being taught in architecture schools in Canada, how the art and business of architecture come together, how architects are finding their niche within the increasingly diluted design and construction industry, as well as how and whether architecture firms are succession planning – and what does that mean for the future of architecture in Canada.

Presented by Spacing Magazine in partnership with the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) and the Azrieli School of Architecture at Carleton University, PopCanCrit will open for registration on July 20. More information is available via the official PopCanCrit site, linked here.