Polygon Gallery selected among MCHAP 2023 Finalists

Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize (MCHAP) has announced the Polygon Gallery by Patkau Architects among the six finalists for the 2023 Americas Prize.
The 2023 Americas Prize recognizes the best built work in the Americas completed between December 2018 and June 2021. The selection and announcement of the six finalists concludes the jury’s tour of the project sites. The visits included interviews with the architects, their teams, and the project clients.

“We knew going into this trip that we would be visiting projects that demonstrate the relevance of a simple idea, but one that is so crucial right now: doing more with less,” said Dirk Denison, MCHAP Director. “The finalist projects all exhibit a radical generosity, giving their communities so much with the most targeted of interventions.”

Located in North Vancouver, the Polygon Gallery is home to an independent photography and media institution that has served its creative community for nearly 40 years.

The building takes the form of two volumes: the upper storey containing the galleries space, administration and a flexible event space; and the lower transparent volume containing retail, reception, workshops, storage and technical areas, that connects the gallery to the waterfront and to the city of Vancouver across the Burrard Inlet.
Formerly named the Presentation House Gallery when it began in the 1970s, the building was  initially located in a community center inside an early-1900s all-girls school. The new gallery’s central mass floats above the ground plane, providing access to a new public space, and it is marked with a sawtooth profile clad in mirrored stainless steel sitting beneath expanded aluminum decking.

The gallery is raised more than a metre above ground level to allow for rising sea levels. The compactness of the building form and systems are designed to reduce footprint and energy consumption.

The authors of the winning project, to be announced at a symposium on March 24, 2023, at IIT, will be recognized with the MCHAP Award, the MCHAP Chair in IIT’s College of Architecture, and $50,000 to fund research and a publication.