Place Lalla Yeddouna Design Competition

L’Agence du Partenariat pour le progrès (APP) together with l’Agence pour le développement et la réhabilitation de la ville de Fès (ADER-Fès) have launched a two-stage competition that is open to architects worldwide, for the urban planning of Place Lalla Yeddouna in the medina of Fez, Morocco.


Organized in conformity with the UNESCO-UIA regulations, the competition is part of a program for the economic and social development of this sector through the development of its cultural, artisan and tourist potential. Place Lalla Yeddouna will serve in the future as a vibrant mixed-use hub for the community as well as for visitors to the medina. The preservation of the architectural and cultural heritage of the site, registered on the UNESCO world heritage list, is a fundamental

aspect of the competition program.


At the end of the first stage, the jury will select about eight projects; the selected teams will be invited to participate in the second stage for which they will each receive a fee of $40,000 US. At the end of the second stage, the jury will award a $55,000 US first prize, a $40,000 US second prize, and a $25,000 US third prize.


November 8, 2010 is the submission deadline for entries in the first stage, and the submission deadline for invited second-stage entries will be in February 2011. The final jury meeting will take place in March 2011.


The jury is comprised of Moroccan authorities and representatives from the USA, and also includes the following architects: David Chipperfield, United Kingdom; Matthias Sauerbruch, Germany; Marc Angélil, Switzerland-USA; Meisa Batayneh Maani, Jordan; Stefano Bianca, Switzerland; Omar

Farkhani, Morocco; and Rodolfo Machado, USA-Argentina.


Registration for the competition will take place on the competition website at The language of the competition is English, and there is no registration fee.