Peter Streith appointed President of the Alberta Association of Architects

Peter Streith, a principal of the Edmonton office of global architecture, design and planning firm Kasian, has been appointed President of the Alberta Association of Architects (AAA). Founded in 1906, the AAA is a self-governing professional body charged under the Architects Act with the registration and regulation of the practice of architects and licensed interior designers. The Association is responsible for ensuring that the built environment remains safe for the public in the Province of Alberta. The Association’s main focus over the coming year will be to review the current Architects Act to ensure its provisions remain relevant in our evolving society, as well as growing and strengthening the architectural and interior design profession in Alberta.

A resident of the greater Edmonton area, Peter Streith has over 20 years of professional experience in providing architectural and planning services on a wide range of institutional and large-scale commercial projects in Canada and Europe. He spearheaded the development of a needs assessment and campus master plan for the 100-year-old Lakeland College in Alberta, creating a 30-year strategy for the redevelopment of buildings and facilities at Canada’s only inter-provincial college. Streith was also Principal in Charge for the development of the $14-million Library and Student Forum at the University of Alberta Augustana campus, western Canada’s premier public liberal arts and sciences facility. As well as his affiliation with the AAA, Peter is also a member of the Ontario Association of Architects, the Northwest Territories Association of Architects and the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. He is affiliated with the Canadian Architectural Licensing Authorities and serves on the International Relations Committee, which is currently negotiating mutual recognition agreements with the European Union as well as Pacific Rim Countries.