Perkins&Will reveals new vision for 800 Granville

An official rezoning application has now been filed for the project to restore and build atop Vancouver's Commodore Ballroom and Orpheum Theatre.

Bonnis Properties and Perkins&Will’s plan to transform the 800-block of Granville Street, home to Commodore Ballroom and Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver, has reached a milestone with an official rezoning application now filed for the project.

Stretching one city block long, the column-free timber soffit creates a warm and welcoming experience, providing a sensible buffer between the heritage base and office above.

The proposal for 800 Granville is envisioned as a juxtaposition between old and new, celebrating Vancouver’s heritage and the arts. It includes the complete preservation of the legendary Commodore Ballroom, the creation of new performance and support spaces to support the viability of the Orpheum Theatre, the retention of five heritage façades, and a design that speaks to the street’s historic neon signs and eclectic character. This is all paired with more than 400,000 SF of much-needed flexible office space which will fuel activity throughout the day and into the night.

The Cultural-Level component, including an expansive outdoor terrace, 320-seat multi-purpose performance hall, pre-event space, and restaurant spaces.

The 800 block is one of the most complete blocks of heritage buildings on Granville Street, but only one of the buildings has an official heritage designation. The design proposal ensures the conservation of all five heritage resources on the site, while being purposeful with the new addition. The retained Service Building, Cameron Block, Clancy Building, State Hotel, and Commodore complex maintains the “sawtooth” pattern that is characteristic of the historic development of this block. Sitting between the heritage base and office form, a striking storey-tall reveal is set back from the street, emphasizing the detailed heritage façades.

Granville Street, where the 800 Block is situated, has been in a constant state of evolution for nearly 150 years. In such a culturally evolving context, the 800 Block is intended to preserve and revitalize the cultural heritage of the street and the city, informing the future by acknowledging the past. As a new space for culture and live entertainment, the multi-purpose performance venue has a built-in synergy with the Orpheum and Commodore, complementing the two entertainment anchors of the street; securing the future of the Commodore, and enabling the Orpheum to thrive with much needed rehearsal and back-of-house space. As a comprehensive redevelopment, the proposal ensures accessibility for all, and will return the 800 Block to its place as the heart of culture in the downtown.

Ground-Level component including existing heritage buildings, and retail and commercial spaces.